Why Cats Are So Funny

Many people think cats lack personality and are boring. These people are ignorant and I’m not going to change their minds. Cats can be funny, sometimes even hysterical. People who are skeptical about the funny nature of cats probably haven’t spent enough time with them. We all know the subtle humor cats bring to our lives.

These are some reasons why I think kitties make a great laugh.

  • They are predictable

What will a cat do if you give him a basket of laundry? Bingo! How will your cat react to a treat bag? Yep. Yes. There are certain reactions that we have come to expect from cats. The predictability can sometimes be quite hilarious. Sometimes I make a game of it by guessing how long it will take for Phoebe to sniff out a laundry hamper. Spoiler alert! It usually takes less than one minute. Our cats know that we go to the bathroom and they follow us. They then stare at us as we do our “business” and it’s funny.

  • They can be unpredictable

They can be unpredictable and make life very funny. You never know what they’ll do with a new toy. The first part of their reaction is to inspect the toy (ok, that’s predictable), but then they start acting out. It is not clear if they will enjoy it or just eat it. It’s amazing to see their unmatched feline enthusiasm. You will see the difference if you leave them outside for at least a day. You shouldn’t be surprised to see them bring home a dead mouse!

  • Funny cat faces are hilarious

Sometimes cats can make strange faces. You can learn to read their body language and they can be expressive.

You’ve probably seen your cat make a funny face when they smell something.

You must know what I am referring to!

Isis, my little girl, pulled this face when she took a look at Lenny’s bottom a few days back. I was squealing with laughter! She was shocked!

It is actually quite normal, and it is known as the Flehmen Response. The Jacobson organ is located on the roof and draws more scent into the face. This allows them to better analyze the smell and detect any pheromones.

This doesn’t negate the fact that most people find this face hilarious!

  • They are sassy


“Go ahead, try to move me.”

A cat is more expressive than anyone. Nobody, that’s who. Complete sass is my favorite feline expression. They will make their own rules and no one is going to tell them otherwise. If we attempt to break them, they get the “screw it” look and airplane ears. Sometimes, they walk off with a flicker of the tail. Phoebe is an absolute back-talker and will respond to me with sarcastic, clipped mews when she’s unhappy. Cats love sarcasm.

Do you remember seeing a cat look at you when your actions were wrong or annoying? Yes, exactly. Cats are known for their sass. Cats are independent and will not listen to anyone telling them what to do. If you bother them enough, they will give you the most haughty look, usually reading, “I will murder you in your sleep.” But, what’s worse is when they just flick their tail and walk away. Their language is Sar-cat-sm! You should avoid anything that could trigger them. Even if they make you laugh, their sass can still burn you.

  • Cats can fall, but then they act as if nothing ever happened

The graceful way cats act after a slight stumble makes them gentlemen and true ladies!

You might have to feed them on a higher surface, and they may slip. Other times they could be sitting on their cat tree and not thinking about anything else. And then they’ll fall!

We tend to rush over and check that they are okay. However, 9 out of 10 times they get up and brush their teeth and pretend that nothing ever happened.

Although they might laugh at you, they will not show their anger until you pass them later. They’ll give you a swipe of their claws and walk by you.

  • Staring at Nothing

Cats are able to tune into their environment. Cats can hear and see things that people cannot, such as the dust bunny flitting through the air from 30 feet away. Although it may be frightening to see your cat staring into the distance, you can rest assured that they are focused on something very important.

Cats Protection claims that cats can hear sounds in an ultrasonic range not available to humans. Cats also have an eight-octave range of hearing, which allows them to hear higher or lower than most mammals. It is not known if the cat watches ghosts moving around in the room. Your cat may be listening to the sounds of insects or mice behind the walls.

Live Science explains that your cat may see things differently from you. The spectrum of colors that light can be seen by humans is a range from red to violet. Live Science notes that some animals, including cats, see ultraviolet light in a way that is invisible to us. This ability allows rodents to follow urine trails and see them. Although we don’t know exactly what cats see, they might be able to sense something that captivates them.

  • They are always looking for strange places to rest.

“Cats evolved to avoid being preyed upon and not be caught.” In the wild, cats who were able to avoid predators thrived. Grizmo, at home today, is an expert at finding hidden places and squeezing in tight spaces. This is why Grizmo prefers a clean, odor-free litter box. It’s less likely that she will give away her location to predators who may be nearby.

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What makes cats so much fun?

They can exude a regal air of reservedness and then be silly the next. They can leap really high after a fly, then fall to the ground and look like “oh, that was me!” And when they’re kittens – Oh my Great Aunt Hannah! They are so sweet and love to be held! They have the best attitude! Missy’s habit of reaching for her catnip mouse to tell us that it was her mouse made me laugh. At the time, she was 9 weeks old. She was no bigger than a teacup, but she was so fierce. Kiki, her predecessor, was equally fierce. He was a little boy when he made our neighbor’s Akita afraid. The interaction between cats and their world is fascinating. You should bless their adorable, furry little personalities.

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