Why Do Cats Run Sideways

Kittens are one of the most adorable creatures on Earth. The adorable and mysterious behavior of these tiny fuzz balls with legs is amazing. If kittens could speak, their first word would likely be “Awww” because that is what they hear most from us.

Although kittens may run sideways, this is instinctual behavior. Running sideways is an act of intimidation against prey. It is a way for all four claws to be closer to the enemy.

Sideways running by kittens during play is normal. This article will explain how to spot if your kitten is showing this behavior.

Here are some reasons why your cat runs sideways

1.Your cat feels threatened or scared

It shouldn’t surprise you that cats sometimes run or fluff their tails when they feel threatened. Your cat can appear larger than it is by puffing its fur and arching its back.

2. There is a Stranger in Your Home

A cat might feel anxious or nervous when someone new enters your home. Although this behavior isn’t aggressive, it is a signal to your cat to not play with the stranger.

3. Your Cat Feels Playful

Sometimes, it’s a sign your cat is having fun! It is possible for kittens to do this while playing with other cats, but adults may also notice it. When they feel excited, they will do this most often

4. Your Cat has the Zoomies

You might have noticed your cat running around after a nap. As part of its post-nap zoomies, a cat may start running sideways.

5. Your Cat is Anxious

If you do something that your cat doesn’t like, or if it is angry, it might run sideways at the you. If your cat is hissing along with sideways running, you should stop and allow it to be. This behavior is not funny from your point of view, but it’s very serious.

6. Your Cat is Trying to Avoid Something

Cats are also quick to get out of harm’s way when they see it. Cats are able to climb and hide away easily when needed, and they won’t hesitate to do this if they need to. Cats seem to have a sixth sense that can tell when something is going wrong.

7. Your Cat is in a Spirited Mood

Sometimes, your cat might feel a lot more energetic than usual. Maybe your cat fell asleep during the night and woke up feeling refreshed. Or maybe they are unable to play as much.

8. Your Cat Wants Your Attention

You may notice your cat running around, or even dancing in an attempt to get your attention. This is often a sign that your cat wants you to feed or pet them.

9. Kittens can run sideways if they have Vestibular Disease

Cats can run sideways when they have vestibular disease. This sideways running will not require them to turn and present their sides before running towards you, or another object.

Causes of Vestibular Disease

Incoordination can be caused by vestibular disease. Vestibular disease affects the balance system (or vestibular) of the inner ear. It can be caused by infections, tumors or certain medications.

10. If they have Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Kittens can run sideways.

Cats with cerebellar hypoplasia may run sideways. A sideways run by a kitten suffering from cerebellar hypoplasia is similar to a sideways run for a vestibular disease.

Cerebellar Hypoplasia: Causes

Cerebellar Hypoplasia can be a congenital condition that affects kittens.

What does running sideways entail?

What does it mean to say that cats run sideways? This is not a common behavior for cats. You might also notice that cats sometimes fluff their tails, straighten their legs and arch their backs. This behavior is not unusual and you’re not the only one. This strange gait is not a cause for concern. There are many reasons that this behavior can be explained and you should never worry about your cat.

Why do cats run sideways and arch their backs?

Cats make themselves seem larger by arching their backs. Cats are small members of the animal kingdom and will often arch their backs when they feel defensive.

This is a defensive position that a cat may take. You should immediately defuse any situation where they are being provoked by another cat or animal.

What does it mean when your cat starts walking sideways?

You may notice your cat walking in a strange way and seem disoriented.

Vestibular diseases can occur in any age cat. It is not an increasing risk as the cat ages. Although it isn’t known exactly what causes vestibular disease in cats, there are often no underlying causes. Certain breeds, like Siamese or Burmese cats, are more likely to develop the condition.

Your cat’s chances of developing vestibular diseases will increase if they have had any inner ear problems in the past. If your cat scratches or itchies at the ears, this could indicate an inner ear infection.

Are All Adult Cats Sideways Running and Hopping?

Each cat has a different communication style and every cat will have a different way of communicating. Not all cats will incorporate the sideways walk into their daily routine, at least when it is about playing. Some cats find the crabwalk more enjoyable than others when it comes time to play.

What should you do about the crabwalk?

Playing in the cat’s favor is the best way to play with your cat, unless your cat seems scared. Most cats are happy to play with their cat mid-crabwalk, regardless of whether it’s for the zoomies or to play.

Keep in mind, however, that not all cats are ready to have a human on the ground with them and perform their own crabwalk. Your cat might be a little nervous at first. Your cat will soon learn that it’s part of the game to dictate playtime.

It’s not a good idea for your cat to be picked up. Try to get rid of the fear and help your cat to understand that it is not a threat.

Are You Worried About Your Health?

Sideways running and hopping are not something to worry about the vast majority of time. It’s a natural part of being silly cats. If the threat to their lives is real, cats won’t do it out of fear. For our house cats, this is unlikely.

Most medical conditions that affect the cat’s walking don’t encourage them to go sideways. They’ll instead decrease their overall coordination. Although it can lead to a sideways wobble, or hop, it is not as severe as the sideways running we have seen.

Kittenhood: Sideways Jumping Starts

Is Kittenhood a more joyful time in a cat’s life than kittenhood?

This is a phase of carefree youth where his only responsibilities include growing up and learning about the rest of the world.

The mother protects the kittens and allows them to explore their environment and their own surroundings. While they spend most of their time playing together, there is a deeper purpose to all this play.

This is why kittens often jump sideways, arch their backs and fluff up. Sideways jumping, which is an expression of good intentions and a precursor to fighting, is a sign that kittens are young.

Last Thoughts

This concludes all you need to know about cats running, jumping and sometimes even skipping sideways. As with many cat behaviors, context matters. To understand why cats show their best crabwalk, it’s important to see the whole picture.

There are many reasons cats may run in circles. However, if your cat doesn’t seem to be having fun, this could indicate that your cat is suffering from some sort of distress. You can help your cat feel more at ease by identifying the trigger.

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