Why Does My Cat Paw My Face When I Am Sleeping

When I’m sleeping, my cat paws on my face.

It’s great to have a few feline friends that are independent. Let’s talk a bit more about your cat.

Cats start to paw at you when the sun peeks through the curtains. Your cat trusts you so she will touch your face while you sleep. Your cat is most vulnerable when she’s asleep. The cat’s sleeping habits include touching their face while asleep, which is a sign of love and trust towards their masters. As it does not intend to scratch your skin, a cat’s claws will remain retracted.

Let’s look at the reasons cats paw at you.

Your Cat Will Want To Be Feed

To wake you up, your cat will paw at your face. They want to play, eat, snuggle or show affection. It’s likely she is hungry, especially in the early morning. It could be a sign that your cat is affectionate, and you can sometimes believe it. You should make sure your cat is happy when you go to sleep. If your cat starts pawing at you to get food, it may be worth checking that your cat has enough food before you go to bed.

You are being sexy

The scent glands of cats are located in the paws. Your cat’s way of transmitting their scents to you is by placing their paws on your face and kneading your skin. Scent-marking is an example of olfactory communication in cats. Scent can be released by rubbing the various sebaceous glands on the forehead, tail and lips.

Your cat wants to pet you

Our cats love us by touching their heads, tickling their chins, and scratching their heads. We are often treated as if we were another cat by some cats. Some cats will retract their claws when kneading, while others won’t. When they are begging to be petted, cats will knead all kinds of soft surfaces including their human faces. Cats may want to reciprocate the gesture of affection if you are scratching or petting them. This will deepen their bond with you. Cats love to “pet” their owners by touching your skin and pawing at you. To show her affection, she may also kiss you or lick your skin.

Petting You Back

To cuddle or stroke you, a cat will place its paws on your head to comfort you. Cats are intelligent creatures that can remember your reactions to their actions. This is a cute way to view the gesture. We generally pet cats by touching their faces or backs and swirling our fingers over their soft fur. If the cat feels that they are being loved, she may also pet you by touching your back and rubbing their soft fur. This is a sign that they trust you.

Your cat wants you to wake up

They will entertain you with their funny ways of waking you up. But, keep in mind that they are intelligent and know exactly what they want. This is especially true for cats that wake their pet parents. You might be disturbed by a cat doing one or more of these things. Cats may pull at your comforter, scratch and pull at your hair, tug at your legs, or nip your toes. She will try to get you awake by pawing at your face.

Your Cat is Testing You

It can be difficult to gain trust from a cat. It is possible for the cat to have suffered from trauma in the past if it was adopted from a shelter. If a cat is new to your home, it may test you by pawing at you. Trusting you is difficult for cats who are unsure of their humans because of past experiences. Cats will react to certain behaviors in these situations. Animal Path states that this is a common problem in shelter cats with traumatized pasts. It is best to let your cat paw at you in such cases.

You can rest her paws on your face

Cats are more subtle than dogs when it comes to telling people, “I like your,” and kneading is one way. Cats love to touch your face and other parts. It is not just a way for her to show you how much she loves you, but also to rest her paws on your skin. She wants to be petted and taken care of by you.

Your Cat is creating a personal space bubble

It is amazing to see cats lay on your chest and paw at you, allowing you to have your own space. Dr. Spano stated that cats may just want to be near you in order to get your love and attention. This can be a positive thing!

Snuggling Time

Some cats are more comfortable sleeping alone, while others prefer to snuggle with their owners. If your cat is affectionate and shows it in the best way, they will be more likely to snuggle with or cuddle you while you sleep.

Your cat wants space

It could be that your cat is not interested in playing and you are trying to interact with it by giving it a paw.

Your cat sleeps on a different schedule to you

Wild cats hunt at night, while they rest during the day. This is the most common reason why your cat seems to be sleeping all day and hunting or playing at night.

For trust, test the boundaries

Many cat owners believe that your cat is testing you to determine if you are trustworthy. A similar theory is that your cat may be testing you for trustworthiness in order to see if he will harm you.

How to stop your cat waking you in the middle of the night

Snacks and Playtime

Your cat may be hungry if they start meowing at you at night. Consider an automatic feeder depending on the feeding schedule of your cat. You can calm your cat by playing with them an hour before they go to bed.

Adopt another cat

Modern domestic cats, upon waking up, feel like he has no time to do anything. He finds it interesting and enjoyable to wake up his human. Adopting another cat can help you stop your cat from waking up in the middle of the night.

Avoid Feeding Your Cat Immediately

A sleepy person will feed their cat as soon as they wake up. This reward encourages the behavior and increases the likelihood that the cat will repeat it. You can change your cat’s behavior so that you don’t get off to a bad start. Roll over next time she comes after you at an inconvenient hour. She’ll soon tire of you after several nights of her ignorance.

What does it mean if a cat touches your face?

You might be the cat’s way of transferring their pheromones onto your face, and claim you as their property. Sometimes the cat may just be showing their affection. It is possible that the cat is simply showing their love.

How can I stop my cat from touching my face?

Many people wonder if their cats should be stopped from touching their faces. Although cats are generally clean, it doesn’t mean they need to be groomed enough. Although feline diseases mostly affect cats only, there are some that can be passed to humans. These diseases are known as zoonotic disease. Most cats will not touch your face unless you give them a hiss. It was used by their mom to tell her kittens not to do this. The directive of a human should be double-awe inspiring


  • How do you know if a cat has imprinted itself on you?

Cats that don’t feel threatened or abused by other cats will show affection to their owners by sleeping next to them, rubbing on them and showing affection. Delgado will declare that your cat has imprinted those behavior patterns on you if it does so with other cats. They rub against your skin.

  • Why is it that my cat lies next to me and puts her paws on my hands?

You have bonded with your cat. Your cat trusts you and feels secure with you. She also enjoys your body heat and heartbeat. She is showing her affection by putting her paws on your face. It is impossible to not love her unconditionally.

  • Why does a cat touch your nose with her nose when you are sleeping?

A great sign of affection is to wet your nose. There is some initial sniffing for identification purposes. But this shows the cat that you are a person they like.

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