Why Does My Cat Swipe At M

When you approach them, cats will swipe at you to grab your attention. While most cats will swipe at you to have fun, some cats may use it as a sign of aggression. Some cats swipe out of fear or to assert their dominance.

Human-directed aggression can be very dangerous. If it is not addressed, it could become more serious. Your cat’s behavior could also put others in your home at high risk of getting bitten or scratched. This is especially important if your children are not able to interact well with cats.

Swiping can be a difficult behavior to understand. Swiping is usually a sign that your cat wants attention, or just because you are having fun. It may also be an aggressive act, but it is rare.

What is Human-Directed Aggression in Cats?

Aggression is often associated with malice and ill-intent. Human-directed aggression is different.

Aggression is a part of your cat’s DNA. Your cat is a natural predator, so aggression is part of his DNA.

There are many factors that can lead to aggression directed at you or someone in your household. Fear, anxiety, frustrations, social pressure, inappropriate playing, and illness are all possible causes.

Why they Attack

Two main reasons cats might be aggressive towards people are play aggression and status-related aggression. Cats will often attack their owners if they feel playful. Cats will either bite or scratch without any ill intent. Our soft skin can’t match their sharp teeth or claws.

The Reasons Why Your Cat Swipes on You When You Walk By

Your Cat Wants to Play

If your cat is playful, he may reach out to grab you or swipe at you as you pass. You may not have thought your cat was trying to scratch you. Because our skin isn’t strong enough to resist a scratch, your cat may draw blood from you.

If you bring a treat or a toy, you can often stop them from doing this. Keep your toy or treat handy so you can distract your cat and redirect their behavior.

Kittens and young cats learn to hunt by playing rough together with their litter-mates. Sometimes this kind of play extends to humans as they pass by. However, kittens will eventually learn to be gentler when they play with humans.

A kitten that was not socialized or adopted too soon might play rough until their adulthood.

Status-Related Aggression when You Walk By

If a cat that was abused in childhood continues to be aggressive and rough as an adult, this is called play aggression. Status-related aggressive cats are always determined to dominate people and situations. They may be asking for cuddles at first, but once they get the chance to have some, they will reward you with sharp claws. This is a bad time to let your cat reach this stage.

Your Cat Wants to Get Your Attention

It is not a good idea for a cat to be ignored. You could get snatched if you pass your cat while you’re walking by. This is not a sign of ill will from your cat. He wants you to notice him.

You scared your cat

Some cats can be very startling. Your cat could be scared if you walk by him when he wasn’t expecting to. As a defense mechanism, your cat might swipe at you. You may be scared!

This will prevent your cat from stumbling and causing damage.

Why does my cat attack my legs when I walk by?

There are two levels of cat swiping. There are two types of cat swiping: the one we have already mentioned and the full-on attack. It’s obvious that the former is less fun and you can get seriously hurt.

Cat attacks can be more severe than just a few swipes. We tend to believe that an aggressive adult cat would attack a cat full-on, and not just for fun. This should be a problem if it is a frequent occurrence.

Your cat is acting in the same manner as a lion, but it’s directed at your leg. ).

Most kittens and cats will grasp you with their front legs to attack you. They will also grab your back with their teeth and kick you with the back legs.

From personal experience, I can tell you that the back legs of cats are deadly and could be where they cause you harm.

Is it normal for cats to swipe at you?

Although it is common for cats to swipe at your clothes, you shouldn’t expect them to do so every time.

Swiping does not necessarily indicate aggression. You should not assume that cats will swipe at you if they are having fun. It’s not your cat’s fault cats have skin that is easy to trim with cat nails.

How can I stop my cat from being aggressive while playing?

One thing we can tell you is that your cat will not be rewarded verbally or physically. It’s cruel to do this to any animal. Cats learn better by doing it.

Playing with your cat is the best way to control their play aggression. You should tire them as often as possible. Set 20-30 minutes of playtime for them before they go to bed and before they eat.

How to correct your cat’s human-directed aggression

Provide stimulation

Play aggression can often be a sign your cat is mentally or physically under-stimulated.

To correct this problem, spend plenty of time exercising and playing with your cat. You can help your cat redirect his natural aggression and boredom by investing in interactive toys, condos, scratching posts, and perches.

Petting Sessions

If your cat is affectionate and wants to be held, you can let him lie on your lap and gently stroke his ears and head. Don’t restrain him. You can play with him, or give him a toy or treat after a while. Play with him for a while after each session.

Adopting another cat is an option

Adopting a cat is a great option if you have the financial resources and are willing to take on the additional responsibility.

Two cats can make it easier to provide stimulation for your pet. Both cats can play together at work and let go of their excess energy, which makes them less likely to play aggressively toward each other.

Why does my cat zig-zag in front of me?

This is usually a sign that a cat is interested in attention. This is a common behavior that cats will do to their owners. They will saunter in front of you so they can be clearly seen. There are many reasons your cat might do this. However, most likely it is to seek attention.

Let’s look at the main reasons your cat zig-zags in front you.

  • They won’t allow you to leave them alone.
  • Your cat is starving and needs you to feed it
  • They’d love you to stroke their heads
  • They want you to join the fun.
  • They will snuggle up on you lap


Cats become aggressive when they don’t get enough play time to release all their energy. Play aggression is when a cat becomes too aggressive during playtime. This can be prevented by making sure your cat is tired before and after each meal.

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