Why Dont Cats Have Belly Buttons

Ever wonder why your cat doesn’t have an outie or an innie belly button? It’s actually very simple. Cats are similar to humans in how they give birth and grow their babies.

Pet parents are often surprised to learn that their cats have bellies buttons. Pet parents spend hours grooming their cats’ fur and giving belly rubs to them, but never notice a single belly button. Your cat has one. It’s not difficult to see the cat’s belly button and find it.

Belly Buttons for Cats

Cats are mammals just like us. Therefore, kittens are attached to their mother through the umbilical cord. This results in a belly button. Mother cats don’t have scissors. To cut the umbilical cord, the mother cat will bite it. This is also how other mammals cut the umbilical chord.

What about the umbilical cord that remains on the baby’s body? Cats are not capable of tying the umbilical cord like humans. They wait for the umbilical cord to dry and then they just let it fall off the kitten. It usually takes only a few days.

Although the umbilical cord is removed, there will be a small scar left at the site. However, it doesn’t create the traditional belly button appearance that humans are accustomed to. It is simply a scar that the cat covers with fur. This is why cats don’t appear to have a belly button.

It is interesting to note that the umbilical cord in cats heals more quickly than it does in humans. Cats’ belly buttons are virtually non-existent as a result. Although the cat’s method works better for healing, most mothers and fathers find the idea of cutting the umbilical cord in a rough fashion and letting it fall out unattractive.

Why do cats have belly buttons?

The umbilicus or navel is also known as the belly button. All placental mammals, even cats, have one. The umbilical cord attaches to the belly button during natal development. After her kittens are born the mother will lick the umbilical cord until it is detached from the placenta. This leaves a small scar, which is similar to a human’s stomach button.

People often struggle to find their cat’s belly buttons because they are looking for something similar to their own navel. In reality, the cat’s belly button is not like the outies and innies that people wear. A cat’s navel is actually a thin, small scar. These are often hidden by fur. Trust us, your cat’s belly button is not hard to see.

Why the Feline “Belly Button”, Different from Humans

The mother will bite the umbilical chord off a kitten’s baby when it is born. After that, she waits for the umbilical to dry and fall off her body. This practice, ironically, results in a cleaner “belly button” scar. A cat’s belly button scar is usually flat and covered with fur. It can be difficult to feel the area under the fur of a cat’s belly even if they are very fluffy.

It usually takes only a few days for umbilical cords to dry and fall off after birth. It leaves a scar on your abdomen that functions the same as the human navel. It’s almost impossible to see because it is so small and clean. It becomes harder to spot once the cat’s fur grows in as the abdomen is covered with fur.

How is a Belly Button Made

The small scar left by cutting the umbilical cord can vary depending on how well the body heals. The cord can be cut for mammals such as cats or dogs and left to fall off within the first one to five day.

The cord will fall off leaving a small, slit-like mark on the animal. This scar will cause a cowlick in your fur when the fur grows around it. Although it is possible to locate your cat’s belly button due to its size and hair, it may be difficult.

A spay scar is also located in the same area as your cat’s belly button. Some vets tattoo cats with a spay scar to make it easy to tell if they have been spayed later in their lives. This is especially true for cats adopted from adoption agencies and stray cats.

If you notice an outie belly button in an animal, it is usually a sign that the animal has a small hernia. This happens when the abdominal wall does not close properly and some of the insides protrude. These issues can be easily fixed with a simple surgical procedure.

An umbilical hernia is a condition that affects the outie’s belly button in a dog or cat. These hernias are uncommon and more common in puppies than in kittens. If it is not severe enough, it should be treated.

Locating Your Cat’s Belly Button

The scar from the severed umbilical chord is clean, as mentioned. It’s possible that the scar from the severed umbilical cord is so well-healed, you won’t be able even to locate it. It doesn’t necessarily mean that it isn’t there.

The cat’s belly button should lie in the middle of their abdomen, about two-thirds of its length. This tiny scar will require your cat to trust you. You’ll need to turn them on their back and look in their belly fur.

The belly area is a sensitive place for cats.

If you are able to feel your cat’s belly, you will need to feel the fur and feel for the “belly button” scar. The scar is usually flat, but can be slightly raised or depressed.

It will be more difficult to locate the scar if your cat has very long fur or is older. If you are unable to find the scar, don’t be discouraged! Cats use a method to cut the umbilical cord. It produces a tiny, well-healed scar. This method is not recommended for humans. Most parents find the idea of letting your baby shrivel up and then fall off grotesque.

What does a cat’s belly button look like?

The cat’s belly button is a small, circular scar measuring approximately 5mm in circumference. Many people mistakenly believe that a bald spot is caused by fur not growing on top of the cat’s navel.

Are Cats able to hide their belly buttons?

Most likely, your cat won’t be able to hide its belly button from you. Primarily, because of the language barrier between felines and humans, your cat may not want to see its belly button.

Cats also love to cuddle and play when they lay down on their backs. Cats are most likely to show submissive behavior when they are lying on their backs. This means that you can give them a belly rub or examine their navel. This is not always true. Explore at your own risk.


Although it may sound silly to imagine a cat having a belly button, there are actually belly buttons in cats. However, a cat’s stomach button is different than ours. Cats don’t tie the umbilical cord properly and cut it. This results in a neat scar rather than an innie.

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