Pine Pellets as Cat Litter

The pine litter can be used for cat food so long as the shavings or pellets have been dried in kilns to remove the large amount of phenol, and have none of the potentially harmful additives. Since the pine fibers are natural wood fibers and pine pellets, pine shavings are suitable for cats and kittens that … Read more

Are Bengal Cats Friendly

Are Bengal Cats Friendly All in all Bengals have been described as gentle and loyal, however they do require lots of attention. While they’ren’t the most cuddly of cats in general, they do love to interact with humans and socialize. If you’re thinking of an Bengal to be your next pet it’s crucial to understand about the breed … Read more

Euthanize Diabetic cat

Euthanize Diabetic cat The reason for this is that they’re so sick that their prospects of recovery are poor due to ketoacidosis or other illnesses like neoplasia or renal failure. Some of them are killed due to owners who do not have the financial resources to taking care of a cat suffering from diabetes or do … Read more

Maine Coon M on Forehead

Maine Coon Moon Forehead The ‘M’ that appears on Maine Coons forehead a prominent pattern that is found on all tabby-patterned Maine Coon cat breeds. The prominent mark isn’t exclusive only to Maine Coon breed, but is evident on every type of Maine Coon cat you could imagine as long as the cat has tabby-like … Read more

Do Maine Coon Cats Scratch Furniture

Do Maine Coon Cats Scratch Furniture Maine Coon scratching just one of the ways they identify their territories. They are known to scratch furniture to scent the scent from their new owners. In the event that Maine Coons get bored, because they are not exercising and time to play They will scratch things in response to their … Read more

Maine Coon Eye

Maine Coon Eye Maine Coon cats are famous for their massive muscular bodies large bushy tails and their gorgeous long hair. Their beauty is captivating It would not be untypical to be looking into a Maine Coons eyes, wondering what this intelligent cat breed is seeing when they look back at you. Purebred Maine Coon … Read more

Royal Canin Urinary So Cat Food Alternatives

Royal Canin Urinary So Cat Food Options Urinary tract disorders are common conditions that cats dehydrated or have a poor diet suffer from. If your cat is suffering from urinary tract problems specific cat food to support the health of the urinary tract is needed to ease discomfort, speed up recovery process, and avoid crystal formation. … Read more

All Black Maine Coon

All Black Maine Coon Black Maine Coon cats have an inherited black-fur gene that is paired with traits that are typical of purebred Maine Coons. They are all black or smoke and black colors with eyes of gold. Black Maine Coon cats are uncommon compared with other patterns and coat color combinations. The price for an Black Maine … Read more

  Why Cats Are So Funny

The Reasons Cats are so funny There are many who think that cats are dull and lack personality. To these people who have no knowledge I’ll say “pshaw!” Cats are hilarious. Many times they’re even hilarious. The people who deny the hilarity of cats haven’t been spending much times with them. People who are a part of cats … Read more